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Independent Video Games Developer

We love making games, it’s what we do. We’re trying to create unique experiences for our players to give them something new.

Below are some of our past and present projects.

Creature Battle Lab,

  an action-packed, 3d creature

  creator and battling game

Enter a world of bizarre science filled with gene splicing and mixed up molecules. Become an intern at the famous ‘Creature Battle Lab’ experimenting with DNA to create a team of fearsome/cute/weird battling creatures.Unleash them in the lab arena and work your way up the leagues to prove yourself as the ultimate creature Pro-fessor.


Soulfinity is a 3rd person puzzle/action game featuring characters from Ancient Greek mythology but set in the distant future. In the year 2394 Odysseus has been awoken by the Fates to embark on an epic journey to rid the world of the Titans.

Soulfinity features a unique mechanic where players must sacrifice themselves in order to solve puzzles and gain the tactical advantage over enemies.

Why not visit the Soulfinity website here;


Immune is a highly stylised, 3D, fast-paced racing/shooter game for smartphones, tablets and PC. The game gives the player the ability to take control of white blood cells of the immune system to seek out and stop infections. Immune engages a wide audience and will teach players how the immune system defends us from infections.

Immune focuses on white blood cell circulation through blood, seeking out infections. Players then enter the infected tissue or organs where they search and destroy their target pathogen.

About Dojo Arcade

Dojo Arcade is a new and exciting independent games development company and the winners of the Young Entrepreneur Award 2011.
Our team can produce fun and entertaining 2D and 3D games in any genre.
We create our own games as well as work with companies and individuals to develop games with them.

If you are looking to create a game but don’t have the means to do so, drop us a line or give us a call.
We’re always happy to talk with you about your game project needs and how
we can help you.

We’ve worked with companies such as;

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We love to hear from you, so please get in touch if you have a project you’d like us to help out on. We’re also happy to receive feedback on our games.

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You can also contact with us by email or through our social media pages but email & Twitter are probably the best and easiest.

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